We are a family-owned company. We are a well known and innovative active toy manufacturer.Our production is located in Çorlu (Tekirdağ) and Hadımköy (Istanbul). We have been offering our quality, and big range of product portfolio to our customers around 60 years. We have two kind of production; plastic toys and play doughs. Fen Toys has more than 270 employees at production as well as sales branche in Istoç Wholesale Market in Istanbul. Thanks to our ongoing product development and growing product portfolio, we are one of the leading manufacturer in the toy industry of Turkey. We always establish the warmest relations with our customers and they are always our business partners.

For the first years of children, besides love and care, the most important thing that parents can give to their children is an environment that encourages their development.

Our focus is on development of children. Good toys support learning by curiosity, imagination, creativity and practical knowledge .We try to offer a big range of products that support children's learning and development through play. We believe that our product range meets these requirements .First ideas and conceptual designs are reviewed carefully and are inspired and developed further in close cooperation with both educational sector and parents.

All of our products are controlled and tested throughout the production process from first sample up to mass production. Product safety is our priority.All our products are tested with the relevant safety regulations like EN71.

These tests will be carried out regularly. Also; We produce from healthy raw materials, that comply with ISO 9001 criteria, respect the environment and contribute to recycling.

We export our products to more than 60 countries. As for our customers; We deliver it through Market Chains, Internet Distributors, Discount Stores, Department Stores and Wholesalers.

We try to produce high quality toys that fully meet our customers expectations and the range is reviewed continuously sub to children needs.