Fen Oyuncak

Activity of Our Projects:

Delivery of toys to children that need our help.


Purpose of Our Projects:

The aim of our projects is to deliver toys to children that are produced with healthy materials, developing their dreams, support creativity, open their horizons and equip their childhood with knowledge.


We try to reach every place in need of toys like children's hospitals, child protection agencies, municipalities, schools, public and government interest associations, sister countries exposed to war.

The purpose of all our social responsibility projects that we have implemented is to help the development of our children. Because children are our future and every toy is new knowledge for them.

As a company, we want to be a pioneer in the development of children, and in this context, our best equipped and most important element is a toy. We want to say;“Let us have salt in food” so that children can reach their dreams and discover their talents.

Of course, there is no limit of the products produced for children today. However, the toy means a lot to a child. As a company that is aware of this, we consider production not only in a commercial sense, but as an investment in the future of our children.

And for this reason, it is our most sacred aim to present the products we produce to all children whose voices we can hear.